The Planet Pant is Here

Our Planet Pant is now available, which is an everyday, versatile pant made from an innovative new fabric consisting partly of polyester made from recycled plastic water and soda bottles and partly from organic cotton. We love that this is a significantly more sustainably-sourced fabric, but we wouldn't work with it if we didn't also love the way it feels and performs. 

Performance: The fabric is quick-drying but doesn't have the plastic feel of a lot of polyester-based pants due to the cotton component, which softens the feel and adds breathability so you don't feel like you're wearing a trash bag on your legs.

Fit: The fit is a slim fit with a slight taper and falls squarely between our Influencer Pant and Crocker Pant in terms of slim fit (not as slim as our Influencer Pant, more slim than our Crocker Pant).

Details: Patch pockets in the back, traditional side pockets on the front, a button closure and a YKK zipper.

Sustainability: Polyester is a petroleum-based product, so making less of it is a good thing for the planet. Recycling old plastic bottles into fiber isn't perfect from a sustainability standpoint since the process is quite labor-intensive, but at least we aren't adding to the amount of petroleum-based products in circulation, we're just recycling some already in existence and keeping it out of a landfill or the ocean. We aren't scientists, but that seems like a good thing to us.

Growing organic cotton as opposed to non-organic cotton is preferable because organic cotton replenishes and maintains soil fertility and avoids the use of pesticides and fertilizers. The result is a more natural, softer fiber that feels great against your skin and a product that causes less damage to the environment, and ultimately our own health.


Stay tuned for more, and sign up for our mailing list to make sure you stay on top of the release. We'll only make a limited amount for our first run and we expect them to go pretty quickly. 

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