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Cotton LEADS™ Partner Announcement

Posted by Brian McEvoy on

We're happy to announce that we've become an official Cotton LEADS™ partner company. Along with other brands, cotton growers and mills around the world, we're committing to use cottons that are grown in compliance with the five core principles of the Cotton LEADS™program, which are (1) a commitment to the social, environmental, economic and regulatory factors required to produce world-class cotton; (2) recognition that sustainable and responsible cotton production requires continual improvement, investment, research and sharing of best practices information among growers and industry; (3) understanding that leading change in responsible and sustainable cotton practices will have the most positive impact when implemented in collaboration among farm, regional, national and international programs; (4) a belief in the benefit of working cooperatively with similar programs that seek to advance responsible and sustainable cotton production in an effort to keep global cotton competitive in world fiber markets and (5) confidence in cotton identification systems that ensure traceability from farm to manufacturer.

At this point, only cotton from the United States and Australia is officially certified as Cotton LEADS™ certified cotton, so going forward we will be making a commitment to use cotton from these countries whenever possible.

Read more about the program here, and get in touch with us with any questions. We're excited to be able to give you more assurances that we're doing our part to make products the right way and supporting farmers and manufacturers that are doing the same. We will also be looking for ways to ensure that the other fabrics we're using are also produced in responsible ways as well. 

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