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Influencer Pants: Relaxed Slim Fit vs. Slim Fit

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Now that we have both our Sage and Navy colors back in stock of our Influencer Pants, we thought we would take a second to explain the different fit profile of these two items.

  • Both the "Slim Fit" and "Relaxed Slim Fit"  have the same design and details, down to the 5% stretch, drawstring, button closure and tapered fit. However, the fabric we use for the Navy and Grey colorways is a slightly softer, pre-washed fabric that drapes a little more loosely than the fabric we use for the Sage, Black and Stone colorways.
  • The model pictures we use on the site give you an accurate representation of the variation.
  • If you're looking for a comparable fit between colors, you can size up on the Slim Fit design, and the drawstring and tapered fit will still give you the signature Kit Culture comfort and style.
  • The Navy and Grey are priced higher because we dye these two colors separately to capture the perfect tones we're looking for. We recommend trying both!
  • As with all of our products, we offer free shipping and returns in the US, so feel free to give both a try worry-free.

Our Relaxed Slim Fit hangs a little more loosely while maintaining the same tapered shape of the Slim Fit.

Slim Fit colors have slightly more structure and the fit is more snug.

    Let us know if you have any questions at info@kitculture.com or reaching out on Instagram, or Facebook Messenger.

    Kit Culture

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