Kit Culture--The Story Behind A Name

People occasionally ask us why we named our brand "Kit Culture", so we figured we'd put the story in writing and commit it to history. It all started when Kit Culture founder Brian McEvoy was spending way too much time riding his bike and trail running in the hills and mountains around Los Angeles (yes we have those here). When Brian started the company his main idea was always to take concepts from high-performance activewear and apply it to casual apparel pieces. So he came up with the name "Kit Culture" to describe the idea of capturing the principles of training kits and applying them to the rest of your day.

Over time we realized that the word "kit" was even more applicable to what we were doing as we realized that our clothes were great for travel, casual work environments and countless other backdrops, as the word "kit" captures the versatility and "do everything, go anywhere" philosophy that is at the core of our design process. Our products can be a part of your travel kit, your workout kit, your office kit, your going out kit, and on and on and on.

We're always looking to incorporate our clothing into different parts of your lives to make your day a little more comfortable and stylish and to create a brand that makes stuff the right way, so we always love hearing feedback from our customers and future customers. Send us an email at with your thoughts.

Kit Culture