Why You Should Wear Modal

We're obsessed with finding new sustainable fabrics that also are versatile, comfortable and perform better than either cotton or synthetic fabrics. Our latest score is our modawoven deadstock fabric featured in our new Hudson Track Pant. Here's what we love about the particular modal fabric that we found.


Modal is super soft, drapes well, resists wrinkling and has a luxurious finish. It's both absorbent and breathable, which makes it cool to the touch. Its absorbency is what prevents the fibers from feeling sweaty and sticky like wet cotton fibers. Its breathability is what separates it from synthetic fabrics like polyester that trap sweat and odors. It's perfect for activewear while still maintaining a more sophisticated look. Your typical polyester track pants can't even come close to touching it. It's like the difference between wearing silk versus wearing a hefty trash bag on your legs. Modal also resists shrinkage and pilling more so than cotton.

How its made

Modal is a semi-synthetic fiber made by spinning reconsituted cellulose from the pulp of beech trees (which makes it part of the rayon family). While its great to have fabrics made from natural materials, in certain countries the farming of trees to make rayon fibers often comes at the expense of rainforest land or otherwise violates sustainable foresting practices--not good. Additionally a lot of the rayon made in other countries is treated with chemicals that are harmful to workers. The beech tree pulp used for modal and the chemical processes used to convert the pulp into fibers are less harmful than other rayon fabrics because beech trees can be farmed in a variety of different soil types and the processing of the pulp uses less harmful chemicals.

Because we work with deadstock fabrics that we buy off the scrap heap, we don't know exactly which mill made our fabric, but we do know it was manufactured in the United States, giving us far greater comfort in the processes used to mill the fabric. As with all of our deadstock fabrics, we're giving a second life to fabrics that were created for someone else who didn't want them, so there's an inherent sustainability quality to all of our deadstock fabrics, but we still try and use deadstock made from the most sustainable materials. Modal fits into that category.

Hit us up if you have any questions about modal or the Factory Track Pant and don't wait too long, since this is a deadstock fabric it's very short in supply and we won't be able to get any more.

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