Quality Matters

Every brand says that their products are of great quality, but what does that even mean? We can't speak for anyone else, but for us it means the following:

  1. We hand select all of our fabrics from the best suppliers in Los Angeles who we know and trust. We let them scour the globe and bring home the best of what's available, then we buy samples for prototyping and put the fabric through real life testing. Not in a lab, but real world conditions to let us know if they are up to the demands of guys leading Kit Culture lifestyles.

  2. We work with local factories that work with small businesses on small batch orders. These aren't sprawling complexes in industrial wastelands in unregulated environments, but smaller, highly regulated manufacturing facilities that rely on the satisfaction of their small business clients. They know that even one mistake on a garment could damage their reputation, so the care they put into their work far exceeds what is typical in the apparel industry. It doesn't mean they are perfect, but it's pretty close!

  3. We don't crank out a bunch of styles all the time to keep up with rapidly-changing trends, which results in less care being given to products with a shorter lifecycle. We work to develop a small number of products that will hold up over time and can reliably be found on our site season after season. We love coming up with new ideas as well, but we don't try and rush it.

If you have any issues with any of our products be sure to let us know and we will work to resolve any of your concerns. Email us at with any issues.