Soto Pant (Influencer 2.0)

The newest iteration of our Influencer Pant is now here! We decided on a new name to avoid any confusion, so the Soto Pant came into being named after the street in East Los Angeles where our factory that made the pants is located. The Soto Pant is now available to ship, available in Sage and Sand colors.

We wanted to update the style of the Influencer Pant to make it even better without losing what was great about the original pant design. Here's a break down of the changes.

Size 32 Soto Pant and Size 31/32 Influencer Pant on the same model.

1. Reduced Taper. While lots of people loved the tapered fit, for many it was too pronounced in the calf area, so we cut it back a little and increased the leg opening while still preserving the tapered look that people loved from a style and function perspective.

2. No Drawstring. We got rid of the drawstring on the waistband because we've realized that the stretch of the fabric allows you to wear the pants slimmer without the need of extra hold that the drawstring provides. It's also a cleaner overall look which we tend to favor.

3. Fit Adjustments. Finally, we added a tad extra room to the fit by increasing the rise of the pants and adding some length to the inseam to accommodate different body types while still keeping the slim fit intact. Take a look at our size chart here for specific measurements.

For those of you who are fans of the original Influencer Pant, we hope we've stayed true to the original design, and for those of you new to the style, we can't wait to hear what you think.

Brian M

Kit Culture Founder