Why You Should Wear Hemp.

Our Mateo Hemp Hooded Sweater has launched, which is the second hemp product after our Stretch Hemp Short. We were as surprised as anyone to find such a sophisticated-looking fabric available in hemp and it caused us to re-evaluate what we knew about hemp products. We'd always known that growing hemp was more environmentally-friendly than cotton, but we assumed there would be a trade-off in comfort or style, picturing some discolored, scratchy fabrics. We were dead wrong. Here's what we've learned in our journey to familiarize ourselves with what might just be the next big thing for us and for your closet.


Hemp is super durable and can easily be thrown in the wash. It dries extremely quickly but can also be tumble dried and can handle high temps. It will last longer than cotton and will soften after each use and wash.


The beauty of hemp is that it grows really quickly and the yield per acre is significantly higher than cotton. It's also easier on soil conditions and doesn't leave the soil drained over time. That means it can be grown sustainably over a long period of time on the same plot of land.

Since it is currently illegal to grow hemp commercially in the United States, with the exception of some limited research grants in certain states, we have to look elsewhere for imported hemp fabrics. Hopefully this will change over time and the domestic commercial hemp industry will be allowed to grow.