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Cheers to the Entrepreneur Life

Posted by Kit Culture on

Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of Kit Culture, whether you're a guy putting in crazy hours at a startup or one trying to make it as a content creator or influencer, actor, photographer or some other job that's out of the mainstream. Who else better represents the hectic but fun, be-everywhere-at-once lifestyle that our products are designed to accommodate? Who else, in the middle of a frustrating day when it feels like things aren't happening for him and his business, needs to duck out of the office and grab a run or a hike more than the entrepreneur launching a new business? Who else can wear whatever he wants but still needs to look professional for that impromptu meeting with a potential customer or client?

So for all of you who know what we're talking about, we jotted down a few images that pop into our heads when we think about the entrepreneur life:

  • Meetings that bomb and you think, "what the hell am I doing, this business is doomed!"

    • That positive feedback from one customer that keeps you going for the next few days despite all the challenges.

      • That conversation with your significant other where she strongly hints that maybe you should try and find something more stable....

        • Sunny days where you just say screw it and ditch work to head to the beach, because you can.

          • That moment where you think that you might, just might, actually make it.

            A lot of our competitors seem like they are always targeting the "bro" culture that belongs more on Wall Street than in the converted loft space startup office or studio. We get it, those guys have a lot of money and probably respond well to companies that speak to their "bro" side that desperately wants to be doing something other than their current office job. 

            As entrepreneurs, we have the opposite problem. We're doing exactly what we want to be doing, but it's a crazy ride and we often don't know how it's all going to pan out in the end. So we just wanted to let you know that we're here for you, we get you, and we design our products with you in mind.

            Shoot us a line with your entrepreneur story and we'll feature the best ones and use the code "entrepreneur" for 10% off any of our products.

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