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How to Dress for a Hike Date

Posted by Brian McEvoy on

Some of us, but definitely not all, think that taking your date on a hike is a good way to get outside of the bar/restaurant trap where it can be tough to gauge how compatible you are with the other person. Getting a little fresh air and a change of scenery is a good way to change things up. Especially here in LA, where weather usually isn't an issue, and local trails are plenty for which you can easily transition into a post-excursion drink, the hike date is a fairly popular option (but careful not to bring the wrong girl who secretly hates the outdoors, you'll likely be dropping her off right after).

Since clothing is our game, we thought we'd offer a few tips on how to dress for these dates, which is trickier than you might think. It's as much about what you SHOULDN'T wear as what you should wear.

Don't Dress for the Himalayas

Although we know you're tempted to show your companion what a serious outdoorsman you are, chances are your date isn't going to involve serious mountaineering, so leave the super-technical gear at home, including your nylon pants that make a swishing noise when you walk (Disclosure: we've been on this crusade for a while to stop guys from wearing this type of fashion travesty).

Leave the Jeans at Home

We know you've got your favorite go-to jeans that you wear to impress all your dates, the ones that fit you perfectly and go with almost anything, but if the temp is going to be over 55 degrees and is going to involve any uphills at all, you probably want to have them sit this one out. The last thing you need to be doing is sweating through your eyeballs in front of your new friend. Not a good look for most guys. 

Don't Dress for the Gym

While some performance capability in your getup will come in handy, avoid the gym clothes, even your fancy ones. Hopefully the date will move on to a bar or coffee afterwards, in which case you'll suddenly feel underdressed or just like a dork. You also don't want your date to feel like she's there for an intense workout. This is supposed to be fun, remember?

What TO Wear

So now that we've gotten all the DONT's out of the way, here's our advice. Wear lightweight but casual clothes that fit you well and that can transition into a bar or restaurant afterwards. Cotton is fine unless you're doing something more extreme, but some stretch incorporated into your clothing is always a more comfortable way to roll. Shorts are also fine if they're not too baggy or made for the beach, but make sure you've got low cut or invisible socks and the right sneaker game. Opt for darker colors in case you do sweat a bit. Bring a sweatshirt in case the weather or the wind changes at slightly higher elevations (also if she gets a little cold you'll have something to offer her--always the gentleman).

So to sum it all up: Opt for the effortless, free-movement look over the survivalist or workout warrior path, and above all keep it casual and fun. Good luck. It's rough out there.

Have a good hike date story? Let us know!

P.S. Stay on trails that you know...you don't want to get lost. Not a good impression....

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