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Kit Culture--The Story Behind A Name

Posted by Kit Culture on

People occasionally ask us why we named our brand "Kit Culture", so we figured we'd put the story in writing and commit it to history. It all started when Kit Culture founder Brian McEvoy was spending way too much time riding his bike and trail running in the hills and mountains around Los Angeles (yes we have those here). As many of you probably know, cyclists refer to their cycling outfits as "kits", as do runners less frequently. When Brian started the company his main idea was always to take concepts from high-performance activewear and apply it to casual apparel pieces. So he came up with the name "Kit Culture" to describe the idea of capturing the principles of training kits and applying them to the rest of your day.

Because leading an active lifestyle is not just about the workouts, it's about prioritizing being outdoors, staying active even when your life gets a little crazy and trying to spend all of your day doing something you love, not just your hobby time. That is the lifestyle that Kit Culture tries to represent. 

Have some great stories that represent the Kit Culture lifestyle? Share them with us for a feature. 

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