Soto Stretch Twill Pant
Soto Stretch Twill Pant
Soto Stretch Twill Pant
Soto Stretch Twill Pant
Soto Stretch Twill Pant
Soto Stretch Twill Pant

Soto Stretch Twill Pant

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  • 1 x 28 / Olive
  • 1 x 30 / Olive
  • 5 x 34 / Olive
  • 2 x 36 / Olive
  • 2 x 38 / Olive
  • 1 x 30 / Sand
  • 2 x 28 / Sand
  • 3 x 32 / Sand
  • 1 x 36 / Sand
  • 2 x 38 / Sand
  • 1 x 28 / Black
  • 2 x 34 / Black
  • 1 x 38 / Black

Our cotton twill deadstock fabric is from a well-known Korean mill, and the quality of construction is what sets our Soto Pant apart from your typical stretch chino. Sophisticated enough for any setting, with 4 -way stretch and a slim, tapered fit.

      • Details: Front denim-style pockets, button-closure, zip-fly and rear welt pockets.
      • Fit: Slim tapered fit with 4-way stretch.
      • Model: Model is  6’1 175 lbs and is wearing a size 32. Size chart.
      • Origin: Made in Los Angeles from locally-sourced imported deadstock fabric. What this means to us.
      • Fabric: 95% cotton/5% spandex. Lightweight, durable twill with stretch.
      • Shipping: Free shipping and returns in the U.S. Shipping ETA: 2-5 days in the U.S.

              Customer Reviews

              Based on 6 reviews

              These pants are the perfect blend of sturdiness and lightness.

              New pants

              Another pair I love

              Awesome pants!

              Love the feel and quality, fit great - love the brand’s mission just awesome!

              Love ‘em!

              Comfortable, durable and great fit.

              My new favorite pants!

              I had been in the market for some olive pants for a while, wanted some stretch involved, wanted a nice deep olive green, and knew Kit Culture and loved them from a summer shorts purchase I made. I saw a deal on these and went for it, as fast as I could tap on my phone from bed.

              These are a great deal at full price, but holy cow, with the discount, I feel like I struck gold.

              Anyway, with free returns, why not give it a try? I always think that, but then the item arrives, and I am blown away. There is no need for a return. I took a risk with size, too, but nope--they fit absolutely impeccably.

              So, let me unpack that. The color is, again, a deep olive green, which is exactly what I wanted. The fabric is soooooooo nice, even nicer after a wash/dry, soft and pliable. It has this vintage, almost military feel, but, again, it is soft and so comfortable. There is ample stretch, which allows some versatility with fit. I am typically a size 31 in non-stretch, so I figured I'd try 30 in stretch. I was rewarded. I would say they are a tailored fit, certainly not skinny but not relaxed either. But, again, with the stretch, they can please most everyone.

              I love the style. They are absolutely on point, but there is still something very timeless and vintage about them. I love that it's sustainable, deadstock fabric, one of a kind.

              In my opinion, they can be dressed up or down. They can look great with everything from a t-shirt, hoodie, to a shirt/tie/jacket, denim jacket, flip flops or athletic shoes or Chuck Taylors (get the fair trade Chuck Taylor knock-offs instead of the Nike-made, though!), to dress shoes to anything. Boots.

              So good. the people in LA who made them went above and beyond. Why buy fast fashion junk when you can buy sustainable, made in LA, timeless pieces? I am going to wear these until they disintegrate.