Active Fit

When we design our products, we always start with the principle that clothing should be comfortable, fit right, look good and enable your daily activities, not stand in the way. But this means more to us than just blending technical stretch fabrics with casual designs. The fit, as we like to say, is everything. Although we will use the generic apparel industry terms such as "slim fit" and "regular fit" to help you put each product in the right category, we put a LOT more thought into it than that. That is why we came up with the term "Active Fit" to better encapsulate what we're doing. The below info is for our Influencer Pants, but the same concepts and principles are used in the design of all of our products



Our Influencer Pants start out with a true-to-size waist and a longer front rise of between 10-12 inches (the distance from the crotch to the top of the front of the waistband). This offers you plenty of room in the groin area and allows the pants to sit comfortably mid-hip.  At the same time, the overall fit of the pants is slimmer, which maximizes the stretch and softness of the fabric against your skin, and creates a more modern look. If you don't believe us, try taking a picture with our pants on and then take one with another pair of your chinos, and you'll immediately see the more structured design as compared to the shapeless look of a lot of pants. At the same time, these aren't a pair of skinny jeans that require you to break a sweat putting them on in the morning. And of course, they're super-comfortable.

The tapering at the calf of our Influencer Pants is more pronounced than you will find in other similar pants because we are again maximizing the 5% stretch component, cutting a modern style and keeping excess fabric out of your way if you're on a bike commute or just generally on the move. It also dispenses with the loose, sloppy-looking bottom hems of a lot of other pants. 

Trends come and go, but we like to focus on fit and design principles that are based on function as well as style and comfort. If you have any questions about fit, send an email to We love to hear from you.