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Kit Culture Ambassadors Program


Kit Culture ambassadors are a diverse group of hard-charging individuals who are motivated every day to experience life through action and with a sense of style. Not content to follow the latest trends of fitness, lifestyle and fashion, our ambassadors make their own way and inspire others in the process. Our ambassadors appreciate that the solo adventure or ride is as valuable and brag-worthy as any competition.  At Kit Culture we want our clothes to be comfortable, durable and stylish and to fit in a way that enables the actions and lifestyle of those wearing the clothes. Our ambassadors help us give substance to these claims by pushing our clothing to its limits, not only through physical stress but by expanding the contexts in which comfortable performance-influenced clothing can be worn. These are the people that we want representing us out in the world.

Becoming a Kit Culture Ambassador

We will choose each ambassador based on his ability to inspire others through the energy and excitement with which he pursues an active and restless lifestyle.  Each ambassador must believe in our company and our products as much as we do.


For those who apply and are chosen to participate in the ambassador program, here are some of the possible benefits:

  • Right to use official Kit Culture apparel and logo to promote your affiliation with Kit Culture according to terms of final agreement to be entered into after selection.
  • Increased exposure for ambassador by appearing on Kit Culture social media platforms and website endorsing Kit Culture products.
  • Access to exclusive discounts, including for friends and family.


To be considered to become a Kit Culture Ambassador, please submit some version of the following to us in the form you think would be the most interesting for us to review (although via email at definitely works):

  • Name:
  • Address:
  • Email:
  • Photos and/or videos (or links to same)
  • Personal website or blog
  • Social media sites
  • A few words or a video explaining why you’d be a unique addition to our program and how you think you could help us grow the footprint of Kit Culture.


We will try and respond to all inquiries, though feel free to follow up with us at any time.