We work with two amazing factories in the Los Angeles area. These are both small operations operated by a single owner in each case. They each specialize in small batch production and we consider them more as partners in our business rather than independent contractors. If there's an issue in production or if they just need more materials, we can hop in the truck and drive downtown to get them what they need the same day. Now that's local manufacturing at its craziest and finest. 

KC Apparel

Founded and run by our friend Rufino Laynez, who left his job at a big brand to start his own small design and production facility in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, KC Apparel embodies the entrepreneurial spirit that we relate to, and he understands where we're coming from. From prototype to production we lean on Rufino and his crew to produce high quality garments with a fast turnaround so we can bring our designs to you as quickly as possible. A lot of factories will BS you about timelines and add-on costs, but Rufino is always on time and honest with us. We're luck to have him as a partner. 

Apparel Choices

Owner Michael Thomas has been around the block and knows a thing or two about domestic manufacturing--he started his business in 1989. His wife and daughter work alongside him, so this is truly a family affair. The quality of their production is impressive, and we know for certain that we don't have to worry about quality control issues when we use AC for our production. They operate a small factory in Garden Grove and most of their employees have been with them for years.