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Inside Kit Culture

At Kit Culture, we insist that each of our products stand the test of time (both in terms of quality and style) while at the same reflecting the latest developments in design and fabric tech. That means smarter fits that look good season after season, versatile fabrics and thoughtful designs that find that perfect blend of style and comfort.

Locally Made in Southern California

With that in mind, there was no question that the apparel has to be made right here in Southern California. It's not about domestic versus foreign, its about working with people in your community who are invested in the quality of your products and the success of your business. It's about sitting down with your factory owners and talking about manufacturing, fashion, small business and whatever else, not e-mailing some massive factory in another country and hoping your pants don't show up with three legs on them. It's about having an idea and seeing it come to fruition quickly and not waiting for the shipping container to arrive in three months.

Designed For Your Active Life

As far as the fit and fabrics we choose, it's no secret that as guys we're all more active these days, not just in the gym but in our daily lives. Whether that means commuting to work, traveling, hiking with your friends on the weekends or just hanging out, our lifestyles are no longer able to tolerate ill-fitting or poorly made clothes that can't handle the demands of our active lives. We need apparel that caters to our needs for style, comfort and movement. 

We're not the only brand trying to capture the trend towards more versatile apparel. But we are the only brand doing so that embraces all of the qualities in a brand that you demand these days: a fit that takes advantage of the capabilities of advanced fabrics, intelligent design, fair pricing, ethical manufacturing right here in Southern California and a mission to be the brand for guys who are willing to put some more thought into the clothes they buy and are looking for brands with values that mesh with their lifestyle.

So see what we're about, and always feel free to get in touch.