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Inside Kit Culture

Our purpose can be summed up in three words: Versatility, sustainability and accessibility.

We look locally here in Los Angeles for the most interesting and sustainably-sourced fabrics available and work with the best local factories to make men's apparel that (1) creates a stylish yet understated look that you can wear everyday, (2) minimizes its impact on the environment and (3) can hold up to whatever your life has in store season after season.

We sell directly to you only on our site, which allows us to scrap the traditional retail markup and keep our prices low relative to the quality of our products. Doing things the right way isn't cheap, but it doesn't have to be crazy expensive either and over time our products will last and pay you back in spades.

Limited Quantities

We often use deadstock fabrics that are leftover from mills and other brands that we find in Los Angeles. We get inspired by these fabrics to create new products and we can quickly bring these ideas to life given the fact that we work with small local factories and can pick up the finished product as soon as it comes off the sewing line and ship it to you right away. However, the available quantity of these fabrics is often limited, so often times whatever we make in our first production run is the only time we'll make an item, so it's generally a good idea to act quickly on an item that catches your eye...it may never appear again.

Made in Los Angeles

Working with local factories is about doing business with people in your community who are invested in the quality of your products and the success of your business. We've made some great friends developing our products, hunting for fabrics and just generally being a part of the local apparel industry. We couldn't have made it this far without all of their support. To read more about what "Made in Los Angeles" means to us, click here.

Designed For Your Active Life

It's no secret that as guys we're all more active these days. Whether that means commuting to work, traveling, hiking with your friends on the weekends or just hanging out, our lifestyles are no longer able to tolerate ill-fitting or poorly made clothes that can't handle the demands of our daily lives.

So check out our collection and let us know what you think. We love hearing from you, whether it's feedback on our products, ways we can improve, new factories we should work with, or any other thoughts you have. 



Brian McEvoy

Kit Culture Founder


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